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why pay if you can have it for free?!
kdrama/jdrama/tdrama OST by Heide Abot

Welcome to PianistAkOST where you can download korean drama / japanese drama / taiwanese drama Original Sound Tracks OST piano sheet music for free. Be reminded that in downloading these free music sheets, you are agreeing that it would be used only for PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL purposes. DO NOT REPOST / RE-UPLOAD these sheet music elsewhere that's my only request ^_^v.


you who came from the stars
every moment of yours
sung si kyung

you who came from the stars
star bach comic

you who came from the stars
dream scenery i

you who came from the stars
run away
( ending title )

you who came from the stars
tears in minuet

you who came from the stars
past love

kindly read FAQ's for instructions on how to download any of my scores. thank you ^_^v

kdrama jdrama tdrama OST free piano sheet music

hooraayyyy!!!! that's all i can say ^_^v

here i am again, creating another site for my hobby.... piano sheet music transcription. my hands are already tied to my solely OPM ( Original Pilipino Music ) sheet music site, PianistAko but i'm an avid fan of asianovela theme songs / soundtracks as well. i do watch korean series and movies ( and some japanese/taiwanese series ) and i can't help but fall in love with their soundtracks ( though i can't understand their languages unless i search for its translation online hehe ).

since i know there are readily available resources for these kind of sheet music, i would just like to have a venue for my non-OPM piano pieces especially for these asianovela series and movie soundtracks. initially, i wanted to share my piano accompaniment arrangements, just like what i'm doing on my main site PianistAko, but i've changed my mind since this kind of arrangement consumes more time compared to piano solo/instrumental arrangements and most of my free time are devoted to doing filipino  (OPM ) sheet music. so as to produce more sheet music i've decided to share instrumentals instead UNLESS a particular OST uses only piano as an accompaniment then i'll provide both. you can download everything for FREE just use it for PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL purposes and please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD / RE-POST these sheet music... that's my only request. i'm sharing it already for free! ^_^v

for requests, just leave message at PianistAkOST Live! message board above. for instructions on how to download the sheet music, read Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's. enjoy ^_^v