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why pay if you can have it for free?!
kdrama/jdrama/tdrama OST by Heide Abot

you who came from the stars ost - my destiny by lyn medical top team ost - can you feel me by melody day pretty man ost - i have a person that i love by melody day the heirs ost - growing pains 2 by cold cherry the heirs ost - painful love by lee min ho marry him if you dare ost - it's you by park hyo shin the heirs ost - only with my heart by park jung hyun

PianistAKOST Express Music Sheets ( E.M.S. )

Q. What is this all about?
A. Express Music Sheets or "EMS" is all about Piano Sheet Music / Piano Scores trancription in a RUSH version lol. so, for those of you who can't wait for the requested music sheets to be uploaded here at PianistAkOST, you can opt to avail this service BUT this aint for FREE.

Q. Why not free?
A. because i said so... why ask?! hehe kidding aside... normally, the music sheets provided here at PianistAkOST are done at my own pace ( hindi mukha okay... pace not face ^_^v )... if i have extra free time, i transcribe / arrange songs. and since this service is what i consider as my express lane, of course charges now will apply. besides, the money that i'll be getting from this will be added to my Piano Fund so it's like DONATION in a MANDATORY manner hehe ^_^v

Q. how is it different from the FREE piano sheet music?
A. honestly... nothing! except that i'll prioritize these songs requested under EXPRESS SHEET MUSIC... if you choose this option, i'll set aside any sheet music that i'm working on and start with your requested song... right away upon compliance of course with my requirements. same quality of the piano sheet music based on my previous works. ^_^v

Q. how soon PianistAkOST will be able to finish the requested music sheet under "EMS" mode?
A. it depends on the song and my availability... but basically it can be as fast as one  (1 ) day or within 1 week but no later than 3 weeks. anyways, i'll state my current status together with the estimation/quotation upon receiving your ORDER FORM.

if by any chance, i can't make it until deadline, i'll let you know before hand since i have 9 hours of work including breaks + 4 hours travel (back and forth) + 4 hours of free time (after dinner before midnight) + the rest would be: sleeping-bathing-eating-waking up-cleaning-teaching piano-upgrading PianistAko / PianistAkOnline / PianistAkOST... so imagine my busy life plus these three ( 3 ) sites to maintain... whew ^_^v

Q. what kind of songs are you open to "EMS" transcriptions?
A. ANY SONGS. since i'm making my asianovela piano scores available online ( aside from my OPM piano sheet music ), might as well accept any requests. the only difference is that i'll alot time and prioritize these music sheets ( EMS ) compared to those songs already been requested.

Q. how much will i pay per piano sheet music?
A. transcription is really expensive. i've seen a lot of websites that offers music transcription and my heart goes shaLaLaLaLa *cLap cLap cLap* hahaha kidding... it's too priceyyyy... and the sad part is, most of the times they only offer lead sheets not piano accompaniments or simplified arrangements. but here in PianistAkOST, you'll get the full score may it be piano accompaniment or solo ( or various arrangements depending on your liking ). it's hard to give a fixed price so i opted to give an estimation range instead of course after listening to the song first.

but to give you an idea...

NORMALLY the rates depends on "how many systems/lines are there per song..." or "how many measures/frames per song?" some charge "per minute of the song" basis etc. and like i've said most of the time, the prices that some website offers are for LEAD SHEET only. if you don't know what is a lead sheet, this is the VOICE PART or MELODY PART of the song with lyrics and chords...

if by SYSTEM / LINE basis of a sheet music, it is around $2.50 to $3.00 or higher. if by MEASURE / FRAME it could range from $0.25 to $0.70 and above. if per MINUTE / HOUR $25 to $50 or more... others $40 to $70 +++ per song... now do the math... imagine how expensive it is to get a score thru music transcription hahahaha ^_^v

but since i'm willing to help you all out there, EMS will be based per SYSTEM or LINE or at times i'll estimate it as a whole. click the image the view an example of a SYSTEM or LINE in a sheet music.

errrrr how much?!

$1.00 to $2.00 per SYSTEM or LINE... very reasonable price! and this EMS estimation / quotation depends on the entirety of the song. if i sense that the song is a difficult song to transcribe, i will make some adjustments on the total amount but i guarantee you that you'll not be ripped-off in availing EMS ( for piano only huh... if i have to add another staff for a different instrument, of course there's an additional fee ^_^v

if you have the available audio that you want me to transcribe for you using EMS then just send me the copy of that song... be sure to send a decent sounding one... or you can send a youtube link of that particular song or any links.

Q. what are the requirements / procedures / steps needed for EMS?
A. the procedure is simple...

first, just fill up this EMS CONTACT FORM below with your Full Name, Email Address, Title of the Song, Artist for that Particular Song, Date ( when do you need the music sheets ), Mode of Payment ( BDO or PAYPAL ), Special Request ( if you need it to be transposed or what ), with melody/lyrics or piano accompaniment and check the box if you Agree to the Terms applicable only to EMS service and don't forget to attach a copy of the audio file or a youtube link of the song at least...

second, after sending the EMS CONTACT FORM, wait for my reply... let me confirm first your ORDER FORM or your inquiry on using EMS service thru e-mail... after that i'll send my estimates and will wait for your reply. if you're ok with the price then i'll now ask you to deposit* ( goodwill money: non-refundable but deductable from the total amount ) atleast $15 or Php500. after verification i'll start to transcribe the sheet music of your request. if i don't receive your DOWN PAYMENT, i won't start with the transcription. be sure to inform me thru email that you've already deposited the processing fee... or else i will not know at all...

third, once i'm done, i'll send you an email regarding the full details including the amount to be paid. i'll then require you to deposit the remaining balance. once verified i'll send the sheet music in .pdf format and voila! done business! [ No Payment ( Full ), No Sheet Music Policy for EMS only ]

don't expect that i can finish your request in just one day ( 1 ). though it's possible for me to finish a song in a day, but i don't do transcription in full time basis. i have a day job, and mind you, music sheet transcription is very time consuming. i even tend to skip meals at times if i have the momentum to finish it... eh since i don't wanna die early hehehehe i'd rather take my time doing these stuffs... okay?!?!? ^_^v


about the DEPOSIT / DOWN PAYMENT / PROCESSING FEE / GOODWILL MONEY thing.. why do i require this? okay, here's the reason:

as you all know NOW ( that is if you've been reading my about me page and faq's ) i'm such a busy person. aside from work 5 days a week, i go to church in the morning and have choir practice to attend to on saturdays and sundays piano lessons and for my other chores... i only have weeknights and the rest of the remaining hours of sundays to transcribe/arrange music sheets.

and...so.... what?

if someone sends an EMS request, i really prioritze it more than those songs that are on my pending list. and i assume, the reason that you availed this service is because you needed the piece badly. that's why it really pisses me off that after transcribing a song of your request it seems to me that suddenly your memory relapsed hehehe forgetting to inform me that you're still willing ( or unwilling ) to get the score, that you already forgot that you made a request. AIGOO!!!! don't waste my time and don't test my patience hehehehe... to make the long whining-story short... just to make sure that you're not BOGUS ( i know for sure your name is not bogus lalz ), i just wanted to take requests from those persons who are really asking for my help thru piano transcription. you can inquire, you won't be charged just for inquiring but once you agreed that you want to avail my service, it'll be considered as a contract between you and me. that's why i demand now for a down payment, since the down payment will be deducted from the total amount upon completion of the piano score. before, i don't see the need to require processing fees be deposited upon agreeing to avail the EMS option but after experiencing a few times maaannn.... stressssssss is overwhelming lol if you don't want to avail this option, you're free to say it before hand. ^_^v

Q. What are the Terms of Use applicable for EMS?
A. This Terms of Use is only applicable when using the Express Music Sheets aka EMS service provided by PianistAko:

that these sheet music transcriptions will only be used for PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only;

that these sheet music transcriptions will be uploaded and will be added to the list of music sheets available for download at PianistAkOST unless, the music sheets made/transcribed/arranged under EMS service are of NON-ASIANOVELA OST type of songs ( eg. songs other than korean / japanese/ taiwanese drama osts ) or if it's an original composition that you just want me to have it transcribed, then it's between you and me ( i won't put it here... );

that the transcription/arrangement copyright of all transcriptions/arrangements using EMS service still belongs to Heide Abot and these transcriptions/arrangements may not be further sold on or let for hire without prior written permission from PianistAkOST.blogspot.com; users are not permitted to modify, distribute, publish, transmit or create derivative works of any material ( especially the music sheets ) found in this website for any public or commercial purposes.

that in availing the EMS service offered by PianistAkOST you agree to abide in the terms listed above.

PianistAkOST may change the policy from time to time at its discretion. Continued use of the EMS indicates consent to any provision in this agreement and amendments to it.

so this is basically is it!?! huh?! that doesn't sound right! hahaha if you want free asianovela ost sheet music, just wait for me to upload the scores. but if you badly needed a piece and can't wait for me to upload it, you choose to avail this EMS option here at PianistAkOST.

should you have any more questions please include it on the EMS CONTACT FORM below...

PianistAkOST EMS Contact Form

Your Name:
Your e-mail address:
Title of the song:
if possible the english title of the song or a title that best identifies the song
Artist of the song:
From what kdrama / jdrama / tdrama ost:
Date ( when do you need this sheet music ):

Payment thru BDO or Paypal:
Special Request ( do you want it transposed to another key or do have any questions? ):
what type of arrangement?

piano accompaniment only,

piano solo only,

lead sheet only,

with melody and lyrics, etc.

 piano accompaniment only 
 piano accompaniment + melody notes + lyrics 
 piano solo ( simplified ) 
 lead sheet only 
if you have other instructions, kindly state that on the Special Request above.
do you agree with the Terms of Use applicable for EMS service?
be sure you have read the Terms of USE. ^_^v
audio sample:

if don't have a copy stored on your computer, kindly attach at least a youtube link or any links where i can use it as basis to your request.
youtube link of the audio or any links of the song:

Image Verification


Please enter the text from the image:

[Refresh Image]
[What's This?]

don't worry much, after clicking the send to PianistAkOST now! button rest assured i'll be able to receive it... just wait for my reply together with the estimation cost of the song(s). also there's a limit sa file size ng attachment: 2 mb. you can opt to upload your files to a file hosting site like fileden or rapidshare or 4shared whatever but be sure to give me the links okie. also, don't forget to indicate from which drama ost, at least an english title of the song or artist of the song on the form... ^_^v


choose the option PAYMENT OWED under PERSONAL TAB. paypal account will be sent to you thru e-mail once you agreed to the amount given.

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