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kdrama/jdrama/tdrama OST by Heide Abot

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k-drama sheet music: secret garden 시크릿 가든 ost - here i am by mi ( piano accompaniment )

piano sheet music no. 1:
secret garden 시크릿 가든 ost
here i am

key signature: E Major ( 4 sharps )
transposition(s): none
type of arrangement: piano accompaniment
based from OST track no. 3 ( part 3 )


this is my first non-OPM sheet music that i'll share with everyone ( more to come. hopefully ^_^v ). about this series, i'm liking it so far. i'm waiting for episode 11 english subbed version online. most of the times, even if i don't understand korean language i'm watching it in raw form hahaha it is though as if i understand what they're saying by watching their reactions and expressions. ^_^v

LISTEN to this piano accompaniment here:

sung by mi
secret garden ost
password: 121610


page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5

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Justin said...

Lol, u shud put it in a single pdf file ..
The dl link is sux, go for other upload site better xD

heide abot said...

i hope you did read my FAQ's section. i believe i've already mentioned the reason behind this concern of yours there. thank you ^_^v

Anonymous said...

ummmmm so r the pending ones being worked on (malapit bang matapos yung you are my spring kasi gusto ko sanang itugtog para sa gusto ko eh :D yun yong pinaka favorite ko atsaka yung here i am and may request ako... can u get the version that yoon sang hyun did for here i am cuz i love that one better than the one 4men and mi did but if u can't then its ok) i hope im not asking for much and sorry if i am and thanks for the piano sheets

heide abot said...

sorry mejo busy ako sa OPM piano pieces ko kaya na-tengga 'tong OST section... anyways since i'm into simplified solo/instrumental arrangements na dito PianistAkOST mas madali na akong matatapos :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have not been able to download page 2 of the five pages for "Here I am". I have tried to do so on different days and have refreshed the page a couple of times.

Hence, can I request that you send me the 2nd page, please?

My email is ngyun82@gmail.com. Many thanks!

Kind regards,
Ben Ng

Anonymous said...

excuse me ! it is nice of u to do this website but why only one page?

heide abot said...

@Anonymous1 and Anonymous 2
please read the instructions on how to download @FAQ's, each post contains complete pages of the sheet music. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music sheet, but its kinda stupid to put five different pages on five links. Real stupid. You should have upload in one pdf or just one rar/zip. Hope you snap out of the stupidness soon. Thanks.

heide abot said...

you're welcome... oh btw, if you have time... please READ my FAQ's to know the reason why this "stupid" person did things this way! God bless ^_^v

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Heide Abot!!!!!!!! You're such a blessings po!!! Thanks po!!!!!!


Hydez ;)

Sheila said...

Thank you very much for your work!!!^^(YESSSSS I love this song and the drama....)
Your website is just wonderful:D
Encore merci, je ne sais pas comment je ferais sans toi:P

Anonymous said...

I'm Sean.
holy motherfu- the ledger lines were kinda annoying. Plz next time could ya use treble clef's or something like that to make it easier to read? Cos i think i'll be downloading stuff from here more. Great job :3
잘 받아갈게요~ 감사감사

kindly ATLEAST leave a NAME don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can reply/answer your inquiries, etc. directly. for requests, use PianistAkOST message board. read FAQ's to answer most of your questions.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^