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kdrama/jdrama/tdrama OST by Heide Abot

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k-drama sheet music: secret garden ost - you are my spring by sung si kyung ( piano instrumental )

piano sheet music no. 17:
secret garden ost
you are my spring by sung si kyung

key signature: E Major ( 4 sharps )
transposition(s): F# Major ( 6 sharps )
level of difficulty: intermediate, advanced
type of arrangement: simplified piano solo / piano instrumental
based from OST track no. 1 ( part 4 )


okay it's only now that i'm uploading this piece though i've started this sheet music last may and then i got busy... i think i have 5 more songs that i haven't started editing yet. i'm done with the transcription but haven't reviewed/checked each scores so may be after i'm done with paid requests, i'll finish those 5 osts ^_^v

LISTEN to this piano instrumental here:

sung by sung si kyung
secret garden ost
password: 102411


page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5

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Mat Pintu said...

great! thank you very much :)

awesomedanielle said...

hello! first of all, i would sincerely like to thank you for your hardwork and job well done! however, i dunno why i can't download the piano sheets. after clicking skip add, the page says 'page error. the link could not be found on the server'. help?

heide abot said...

hi what particular page are you referring to? thanks ^_^v

@Mat Pintu
you're welcome ^_^v

awesomedanielle said...

all the song pages. for example, secret garden's 'you are my spring'. i can't download it cause it always says error.

heide abot said...

just finished checking the links, all are working fine. hmmmmm do try downloading the scores again. did the checking like a minute ago ^_^v

awesomedanielle said...

http://www.fileserve.com/file/GYyZHsX/secretgardenost-youaremyspring-sungsikyung-simplifiedsolo-1.jpg - this is the link i get everytime i click 'skip add' =((

heide abot said...

chat with me using PianistAkOST Live! message board on the left sidebar ^_^v

henny said...

hi.... just want to know when you will finish "dazzling confession by sung si kyung" Really love that song ....

NN said...

Hey there, I couldn't download the music sheets, this is the website that I got after the skip ads page. Thank you for your hard work though :)

Anonymous said...

same thing is happening to me..couldnt download all the piano pages after skipping the ads, the page says 'page error' please do help :'(

heide abot said...

i don't know when... will post it as soon as i'm done with that song... okie ^_^v

drag the SKIP AD button to your address bar...

Shannon said...

Hello :) I can't seem to download the file. Any advice?

heide abot said...

what specific error/problem did you encounter while downloading? for the instructions and other concerns please read the FAQ's section first, otherwise just state the problem here and i'll check it to verify the error and fix if need be. thanks :)

Fazz said...

thank u for this! i really like the song and i hope i can learn it quickly and play it everyday :D
thanks again

kindly ATLEAST leave a NAME don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can reply/answer your inquiries, etc. directly. for requests, use PianistAkOST message board. read FAQ's to answer most of your questions.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^