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kdrama/jdrama/tdrama OST by Heide Abot

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k-drama sheet music: my girlfriend is a gumiho ost - fox rain by lee sun hee ( piano instrumental )

piano sheet music no. 19:
my girlfriend is a gumiho ost
fox rain by lee sun hee

key signature: F Major ( 1 flat )
transposition(s): none
level of difficulty: intermediate, advanced
type of arrangement: simplified piano solo / piano instrumental
based from OST track no. 2


even before i finished watching this series, i've been humming this song for about a week or so when i first heard this ost, a catchy melody, a memorable dubirubiru-rafa line and a cute story. hehehe

LISTEN to this piano instrumental here:

sung by lee sun hee
my girlfriend is a gumiho ost
password: 110911


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Lee said...

Hey there! I love your transcriptions. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Can you do Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps and First Impression by Super Junior's Kyuhyun?

heide abot said...

thanks and you're welcome :) oh btw, i'll be transcribing songs from kdrama jdrama tdrama OST's only... God bless ^_^v

namme31 said...

Tingin ko mas maganda to!!! naaral ko na yung kay poppianist, but this is better :) thanks!

Pris said...

Merci beaucoup from Paris! (^^)/

itsmemememe said...

Hello thank you for the rooftop prince OST! Could you also do the other rooftop prince OST of 'Hurt' by Ali?? Thanks~

heide abot said...

salamat and you're welcome ^_^v

je vous en prie ^_^v

i'm done with that song as well, i'm about to post it yesterday but found some parts that needs correction so i'll post it in a bit :)

Anonymous said...

your d man , woman pala tnx very much keep being a blessing :)-rj

sun ju park said...

wow! ang galeng naman.. =D ost namn po ng moon embracing the sun.. =D

sun ju park said...

wow! very nice! request namn po .. moon embracing the sun po ah? thanks! keep it up!

Argen Ralos said...

Grabe ang galing niyo. Salamat po dito. Simplified Piano solo po ito diba? Meron po ba yung hindi simplified Piano Solo? Gusto ko po yung mga Transcriptions niyo eh

zary said...

Thnx! Ps . Cn i put ur link in my blog? For sure i'll credit u! Btw ! Well done! Tqvm !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sharing!! ^_____^

Anonymous said...

thank you so much...

Anonymous said...

can the admin please post the piano chords for fox rain by lee sun hee in virtual piano???? please i really need it for my concert..

Wanjun Chong said...

Can i request for snail by kyuhyun?

kindly ATLEAST leave a NAME don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can reply/answer your inquiries, etc. directly. for requests, use PianistAkOST message board. read FAQ's to answer most of your questions.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^