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kdrama/jdrama/tdrama OST by Heide Abot

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k-drama sheet music: the heirs ost - two people by park jang hyun ( piano instrumental )

piano sheet music no. 55:
the heirs ost
two people
sung by park jang hyun

key signature: Bb Major ( 2 flats )
transposition(s): none
level of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced
type of arrangement: simplified piano solo / piano instrumental
track no. 3 of the soundtrack album ( part 3 )


i'm excited for tomorrow's episode... hopefully somebody will sub ( in english ) episode 9 as soon as it's uploaded hehe... in the meantime, i'll be busy with my paid transcriptions... till my next update ciao ^_^v

oh, btw, i'm really confused if the artist for this particular song is park jang hyun or park jung hyun... i'm getting different search results hehehe kindly leave a comment if i'm mistaken... tnx!

LISTEN to this piano instrumental here:

sung by park jang hyun
the heirs ost
password: 110313

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Cindy said...

It's Park Jang Hyun (박장현).

Thanks again for the quick update! :)
Can't wait to see today's episode, too!
(suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms now...)

Cindy ♪♫•*¨*•

dujhathai niyomsuan said...

You never known how glad am I when i just looked around your site for update new song and found out
a couple song of Ost.Heirs. I'm a big fan and being crazy in this series as well as many people in Thailand.
Also , many song are great in both lyrics and melody line.
Thank again for your work.

kindly ATLEAST leave a NAME don't just use ANONYMOUS so that i can reply/answer your inquiries, etc. directly. for requests, use PianistAkOST message board. read FAQ's to answer most of your questions.

thank you. xie xie. arigato. kam sah hamnida. gracias. salamat ^_^